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DIY Money

In this week's episode to Tape Talk, Quint and Daniel give a looks inside their personal finance podcast DIY Money as well as assess the recent market complacency.

Valuing the Market

On this week's episode of Tape Talk, Quint and Daniel discuss how to discern the value of stocks in this market and why that's important for your financial plan.

On this week's episode of Tape Talk, Quint and Daniel discuss the psychology of investment markets and how it's impossible to escape risk.

On this week's episode of Tape Talk, Quint and Daniel discuss the obstacles faced as states begin reopening the economy.

Value vs Price

On this week's episode of Tape Talk, Quint and Daniel use the recent market moves to have a discussion on the difference of value versus price.

Oil Negative

This week marked the first time you could get paid to "buy" a barrel of oil. What does that mean and why is it significant?

Price vs Value

Price is what you pay and value is what you get. What does this mean when stock, commodities, or other things trade for lower prices? How can investors determine what they're really getting for the price they pay?

Current Market Value

While stocks have moved wildly over recent weeks, Quint breaks down how the value of this market may not have really changed much at all!

Patience is Key

When looking to find value it's important to remember that patience is the key factor, waiting to find the prices match the value you require is an important part of investing.

The Strategy Here

On this week's episode of Tape Talk, Quint and Daniel discuss the continued bear market rally and what the strategy might look like going forward.


Emotions and psychology have been the theme of the recent decline and subsequent rally. Investors fled the market at any cost and are now on the verge of rushing back in at signs of good news. This is a great example of the psychology that goes along with investing in volatile markets.

Allocation Matters

When it comes to your financial plan and reducing volatility, allocation matters. The recent volatility illustrates why thinking of your allocation as different buckets of volatility and time horizon are important for your inevitable withdrawal strategy in retirement.

Diversify and Rebalance

Diversification goes a step beyond simple asset allocation by adding in very uncorrelated assets such as metals and real estate. By including these in your portfolio some of your assets will move in different directions to allow you to make the most of rebalancing.

Bear Market Rally

On this week's episode of Tape Talk, Quint and Daniel review the recent rally in the stock market after March's severe decline.


This week we continued to receive record headline numbers in the weekly jobless claims report and the US now stands at a higher continuing unemployment rate than it saw doing the most recent recession during the Financial Crisis. However, the stock market as a whole continued its rally in the face of this news. While much of the headline number may be baked into the market the real question is how this number will recover after quarantines resolve and how quickly the economy might ramp back up.

Investing Stage Strategies

Since it can be difficult to avoid the headlines and noise during market volatility it becomes important to know what this volatility means for the various stages of your investing journey. Quint and Daniel break down how certain demographics should actually welcome this volatility while others may need to have a plan to help mitigate it.

What To Look For Now

With the market off lows, investors now have a chance to review their allocation, the temperament, and how markets digest news going forward. Quint and Daniel review what they're watching now to indicate this bear market may subside or further declines may be in store.

What To Do Now?

On this week's episode of Tape Talk, Quint and Daniel discuss what they're watching in the market this week and what investors need to consider moving forward.

Unemployment Claims

This week's unemployment claims shot to new record highs far surpassing last week's record number. Yet, the market was mostly higher on Thursday following the news. Many investors might consider it a disconnect but it might just be a good sign that the market has priced in much of the bad news in the job market.

Oil Rally

Oil rallied nicely this week on speculation that Russia and Saudia Arabia may find a truce in the oil war. However, this news has yet to be confirmed. If we can see confirmation from both countries soon, oil may just be able to put in a bottom.

Allocation is King

Your investment allocation is one of the key ways you can manage or mitigate some of the risks in your portfolio. If you've found these recent moves difficult to sleep through and are unsure how your allocation lines up with your financial goals, it may be time to revisit your financial plan and investment management.

On this week's episode of Tape Talk, Quint and Daniel discuss how they're analyzing the current market moves and what they're keeping an eye on to indicate where we go from here.

Where We Go?

No one really knows for certain where markets will move from here. While many may attempt to call the bottom or top of the recent volatile moves, the situation in health, credit, and oil markets are all rapidly evolving which makes any prediction more of a guess.

From Oil to Credit

Before markets started to move on the COVID-19 pandemic there was an emerging crisis in oil prices. While consumers may cheer lower gas prices, even with nowhere to travel right now, the ripple effects in the economy are being felt. As oil prices slip below profitability levels for domestic drillers their entire supply chain comes under pressure and eventually the financial institutions that finance all those companies do as well. 

Signs of Life

So where are we looking for signs of life now? Daniel is watching credit markets for an indication that the Federal Reserves' historic interventions are going to provide the needed liquidity which may then calm other markets. Quint is watching oil prices to see some stabilization which will then give other areas of the market the peace of mind that the ripple effects may cease. 

Sell-off Action Plan

On this week's episode of Tape Talk, Quint and Daniel discuss how they're assessing the recent volatility in investing markets.

Under the Surface

While the coronavirus pandemic is making most of the headlines these days there are underlying issues in financial markets that are exacerbating the volatility investors are experiencing. Since last fall the Federal Reserve has been intervening in lending markets to provide liquidity which has only been accelerated as economic conditions have worsened recently.


Investors must consider that there are really three key issues in the financial market today; an oil price crisis, a fragile credit market, and the headline-grabbing coronavirus pandemic. As these three events converged recently Joule Financial implemented a plan to reduce both equity and fixed income exposure which Quint and Daniel discuss.

Finding Opportunity

While reducing risk is an important aspect of financial management it's done for an eye towards the next opportunity. Quint and Daniel discuss what they're watching for clues to add back to investments at some point and where they might look for opportunity in the midst of all the panic.

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